Aura Lee Piano
EZ Piano Method

EZ Lesson 10
Using Both Hands
In this lesson you will learn how to play with both hands at the same time.

Please read through the instructions carefully,  listen to the audio and watch the video to be sure you fully understand what to do.

Music to be played with both hands, is written on both the Treble Staff (right hand), and the Bass Staff (left hand)

The two staffs (or staves), are placed vertically above each other, and joined together with a curly bracket called a Brace as shown below.
This is known as the Grand Staff

For this lesson, we shall use a tune you are already familiar with, 'Aura Lee' (see EZ Lesson 6)
But this time, we shall add some left hand notes to accompany the melody.

You will see that the left hand notes are all Whole Notes (four count notes), so you will only need to play one left hand note for each bar of the music.

When a left hand note is directly beneath a right hand note, it means that you play both notes at the same time.
Remember though, to hold down the left hand notes for their full four counts, while you play the right hand notes.

Again, the audio and video will make this simple to understand.
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