EZ Piano Method

EZ Lesson 13
Using C and G7 chords

In this lesson we shall practice changing between the C major and G7 chords and play a tune using these two chords.

You may remember from the previous lessons, that the note G is played using finger number one, (thumb) in both the Cmajor and the G7 chord.

This makes it easy to change between the two chords, as the position of finger 1 does not have to change.

Now try the exercise below to get used to changing from one chord to the other.
Now that you are comfortable changing between these two chords, you can try playing the tune 'Merrily' below.

First, play the right hand part on it's own, then practice the left hand chords, before trying to play the tune with both hands.

Don't forget to listen to the audio to make sure you have got it right.