Another type of note used in music, is the Eighth Note.

An Eighth note lasts for Half a beat or count and looks like this

One Quarter note is equal to two Eighth notes

Listen to the audio a few times, and count the beats out loud to get used to the timing of these notes.
Here is part of the well known tune 'Shortnin' Bread'
This uses Eighth Notes, Quarter Notes and a Half Note.
Watch the video, and try counting out the beats, to become familiar with the timing, before playing it yourself.
When more than one eighth note is used, they are grouped together, usually in twos, threes, or fours, and the curly tail, is replaced with a Beam, which joins the notes, as shown below.

EZ Piano Method

EZ Lesson 18
Eighth Notes

Counting the timing of Eighth notes is simple, once you have had some practice.
For each pair of notes, we count " One and"
So for four pairs of Eighth notes, we would count "one and two and three and four and"

Here is a 4 beat bar of Eighth notes.
( I have used the note G above Middle C, in the red section of your keyboard template, for this example)
Click on the audio button to hear how to count them.
Eighth notes
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