So far, you have learned that a Quarter Note, is a note which is played for one beat or count.
The Quarter Rest is a symbol which is used to tell us to play nothing for one count. In other words, to leave a one count gap in our playing.

It looks like this:

Whenever you see a quarter rest, you should lift your finger off the note  before it, and leave a one count gap before playing the next note, as demonstrated here
As you can see, this next piece has a time signature of 3 beats to each bar. Count the beats out loud as you play, allowing one count of silence for each quarter rest, and remembering to lift your finger off the keys while counting the rests.

Here is a simple example of how Quarter Rests could be used in a piece of music.
Did you notice the time signature?
This tune is written in 3 time
This means there are three beats or counts in each bar.
This is also known as Waltz Time

EZ Piano Method

EZ Lesson 19
The Quarter Rest

Quarter rest
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