EZ Piano Method

EZ Lesson 26
The Tie

A 'Tie' is a curved line which joins two, or more, notes of the same name and pitch.

When we see two notes joined by a Tie, it simply means that we play the first note, and keep it held down for for the length of both notes.

So, for example, if the note Middle C is a Half note (two counts) and it is 'tied' to another Middle C, which may be a Quarter note (one count), we would play Middle C, and hold it down for Three counts in total ( two counts, plus one count)

It would look like this in written music:
It is important not to confuse ties with slurs, (EZ Lesson 23) which can look very similar.

The big difference is, that ties can only join notes which are  at the same position on the staff: C to C, D to D, etc.
The same applies to chords, where all three notes can be tied.
In the example below, you would play the chord with the dotted Half notes, for three counts, as normal, and then continue to hold the notes for another two counts, before lifting your fingers off the keys.
Count  1, 2, 3          1, 2,       3
In the next lesson, there is an exercise, playing with both hands, and using broken chords, dotted half notes, and ties
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