EZ Piano Method

EZ Lesson 28
Dotted Quarter Notes

A Dotted Quarter Note is simply a Quarter note with a small dot placed next to it.
It looks like this:

When a dot is placed immediately to the right of a note, it tells us to increase the length of that note, by Half of it's Original Value.

In other words, a Quarter note lasts for one count, but when it has a dot after it, we must hold it down for one and a half counts.

If you remember the dotted half note, from earlier, you will know that it is held for three counts.
The half note is normally two counts, but the dot tells us to add half of its value, (one count) so making it three counts long.

The same applies to a whole note ( four counts) The dot adds half of four counts ( two counts) making a dotted whole note, six counts long.

Dotted Quarter notes are very often followed by an eighth note.

This all may sound very confusing, but the following audio and video examples, should make everything more clear, and will show how these notes are used when playing music.
Dotted Quarter note
Here is a simple exercise showing how to count dotted quarter notes.

The dotted quarter note here, has the counts 1 2 under it.
In this case, the '2' is a short count, as it applies to the dot, which is half a count long.
Watch the video, then practice playing and counting, as shown.

EZ Lesson 29, will demonstrate these notes being used in practice, with a well known tune.

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