EZ Piano Method

EZ Lesson 33
New Chord
C Major
2nd Inversion

Here is another way of playing the C major chord.

When the chords from the previous two lessons, are used, (G major, and D7) the C major, 2nd Inversion, is often used with these chords.

If you are confused about 'Inversions', please click the link to go back, and read through EZ Lesson 22
You can also find pictures of common Major chords and their inversions, with audio examples, by clicking HERE

C Major ( second inversion)

This chord is played, using fingers 5, 2, and 1
as shown in the video.

First I will play the C major 2nd inversion chord, and then change to G major, D7, and end on G major.

Please practice changing between these chords, and getting used to to different finger positions.

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