EZ Piano Method

The Key of
G Major

All of the lessons up to now, have used the key of C Major
That is, the notes in all the pieces you have played, all belong to the scale of C major, which you studied in EZ Lesson 20

If you remember the pattern of tones and semitones, that make up a Major scale, you would easily be able to work out the notes in the G major scale
Here it is:

Notice the Sharp sign immediately in front of the note F ?
The pattern of tones and semitones, tells us that the G Major scale, contains the note, F Sharp.
The last three chords that you learned ( G major, D7, and C Major ) are the most common chords used when playing music in the key of G Major

From looking at the G major scale, you can see that when playing music in the key of G major, every F note, will have to be played as, F Sharp ( the black key, immediately to the right of the note G )

To avoid having to put a sharp sign in front of every F note, in music written in the key of G major, a sharp sign is placed at the beginning of the music, instead.
We just have to remember to play F sharp, whenever the note, F appears.

The sharp sign is placed on the top line ( the F note position ) on the Treble staff, and on the fourth line up from the bottom ( again, the F note position ) on the Bass staff.
There is more than one F note on each staff, but only one sharp sign is  used on each staff. It still applies to any F note in the music.

This is called the Key Signature. In other words, it is telling us that the music is written in the key of G Major.

G Major Key Signature
G major scale
The scale of G major, is played using the same fingering as the C major scale, as shown in the video below.
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