Here is a well known tune, featuring arpeggio style playing in the left hand.
There are a few tied notes in this piece, so be sure to watch out for them. (study the video carefully to watch how long I hold the tied notes for)

Also note the fingering. I have again put finger numbers next to the notes.

One new thing to look out for, is the Half Rest in the right hand (treble staff) part.
It looks a little like a squashed top hat, sitting on the 3rd line up from the bottom (the B note line)

As it's name suggests, it is a rest, which is equal to a half note, that is, it is a two count rest.

You may have also noticed that the first bar of this music, only has one note in it.
Notes like this are called 'Lead In' notes.
This note, is the 3rd beat of the bar (as the first two are missing), so, count 1, 2, and play the first note on the 3rd count,(as shown on the music) and you will have the correct timing for the rest of the piece.

Another point to note, is that the last bar only contains two counts.
(these are the notes missing from the first bar)
More about these later. For now, just enjoy learning to play the music.

EZ Piano Method

EZ Piano Lesson 39
On Top of Old Smokey
(arpeggio style)

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