EZ Piano Method

EZ Piano Lesson 40
Sixteenth Notes

So far, we have covered, Whole notes (4 counts long) Half notes (2 counts) Quarter notes (1 count), and Eighth notes (1/2 a count)

In this lesson, we shall look at Sixteenth Notes, which last for 1/4 of a count, or beat)

Here is what a Sixteenth note looks like:

When sixteenth notes are joined together in groups of two, or four, they look like this:
Sixteenth notes may look complicated, and difficult to count, but this can be easily done, by following a few simple rules.

As sixteenth notes, are 1/4 of a count each, it follows, that four sixteenth notes, are equal to one count.

Remember counting pairs of eighth notes?
We counted them as: 'one and, two and, three and, four and'
Well the same principle applies to sixteenth notes.

The traditional way of counting these, is to say 'one e and a, 2 e and a', and so on.
This gives us a syllable for each of the four sixteenth notes which make up one count.

If you find this confusing, just watch the video, where I will show how this works in practice.

Here is a selection of different note types and how they are counted.
In the video, I shall count the beats quite slowly, but as you get more familiar with counting these beats, you will find it easy to increase your speed.
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