EZ Piano Method
EZ Lesson 6
Some simple tunes
You can now try playing these tunes, which use all you have learnt so far.

The first tune is a traditional folk song called Aura Lee, but you will probably recognise it as the beginning of 'Love Me Tender' by Elvis!

It has been simplified for the purposes of this lesson, but better and fuller versions of these tunes, and many, many others can be found later in the course. There are also backing tracks provided that you can play along to. Click HERE to see an example.

Again, use the audio to help you get used to the timing and the notes, then try playing it yourself.

Remember to start with your right hand thumb on Middle C, and use the correct finger for each note

Aura Lee (Love Me Tender)
Here is part of another well known tune, Beethoven's

Ode to Joy

You may be wondering why there are vertical lines dividing up the notes in Ode to Joy.

These are called bar lines, and are used to help play the music using the correct timing.
I will explain more about bar lines in the next lesson.

Bar line