Music is divided up into bars (sometimes called measures)
as shown below.
are vertical lines placed along the staff

Each bar will have the same number of counts, or beats, so that we can play the music in the rhythm or timing that the composer intended us to.

Notice the two numbers after the treble clef ;    4

These numbers are called the Time Signature.

The number on top, tells us that there are four beats or counts in each bar.
The number below, tells us what kind of note is worth one count.
In this case, it is a quarter note. So the time signature tells us that there are four, quarter note beats to each bar.

EZ Piano Method
EZ Lesson 7
Bar Lines and Timing
In four/four time, there will be four Quarter notes (one count each) to each bar, or two Half notes, (two counts each), or one Whole note (four counts) or a mixture of note types as shown below.

The important thing to remember, is that there will always be four counts to each bar whatever note type it contains.

By now, you should be comfortable using your right hand, and able to count the beats in each bar keeping a steady rhythm.

If you are unsure about anything that has been covered so far, please go back and review the previous lessons.

In EZ Lesson 8, you will learn about using your left hand and about notes on the Bass Staff

Bar lines