EZ Piano Method

EZ Piano Lesson 44
New Chords
F Major (root position) &
B Flat Major (2nd inversion)

The chord, F Major, is formed from the notes, F, A and C as shown below.
This is known as the 'Root position' as the note F, is the lowest note in the chord, just like the root is the lowest part of a tree!

F is played using finger 5 of the left hand, A with finger 3 and C with finger 1
The B Flat Major chord (second inversion) consists of the notes, F, B flat and D
Again, the note F, is played with finger 5, B flat with finger 2, and D, with finger 1

Changing from one chord to the other is made easy, because they both use finger 5 to play the F note
In the video, I shall play, first the F major (root position) chord, followed by the B flat major chord (second inversion) then the C7 chord from the previous lesson, finally returning to the F major chord.

Please practice playing these chords to get used to changing between them.
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