EZ Piano Method

EZ Piano Lesson 45
The Key of
F Major

The key of F major, uses notes from the F major scale.
In previous lessons, we looked at how major scales are made up from a pattern of tones and semi-tones.
The notes of the F major scale are shown below.

Two things to notice about this scale, are the note B flat (the black key, immediately to the left of B) and the fingering used. You will see that it says 'thumb under' below the note 'C'
This means that you pass your thumb (finger 1) underneath the other fingers.
You will see exactly what I mean, in the video. Also, when coming back down, finger 4, passes over the thumb, as you will see.

Music written in the key of F major can be identified by the Key Signature. This shows a flat sign placed on the 'B' line, next to the treble and bass clefs, as shown here.
Key Signature of F Major
Here is the F Major scale video, showing the fingering.
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