EZ Piano Method

EZ Piano Lesson 47
'Home, Sweet Home'
Key of F major

Here is another, well known tune in the key of F major.

Remember to play the B flat key, wherever you see the note, B
As always, it is a good idea to practice playing with each hand separately.
Again, there is a video to guide you.

If you want to print out this music, please right click anywhere on the music, and select 'Print'.
This piece does not fit on a single page, so please, right click, again on the music, below the words, 'Page 2' and select 'Print', or 'Save'
Once you have mastered this tune, you may like to play it, along with a simple backing track, I have recorded.
There are two player buttons, below. One plays the piano and the backing. The other plays the backing only, so that you can play the piano part yourself.
Listen carefully to the count in, so that you know when to start playing.

Backing with piano
Backing only
No Video?...Click Here