EZ Piano Method

EZ Piano Lesson 48

This lesson is a little out of sequence, but I have had requests
to post an easy to play, version of the ever popular, 'Greensleeves' along with a video, and a backing track.

Although this tune contains some elements that have not been covered yet, in this course, I will try to make it as easy to play, as possible, and explain the theory involved, in future lessons.
Feel free to skip this lesson. You can always return to it at a later date.

This piece is written in the key of E minor (more about this later), but please note the key signature, which shows a sharp sign on the 'F' line, at the beginning of the piece. All 'F' notes must be played as F sharp.
There are also some other notes which are 'sharpened' so please look out for those.
In the video, I shall play the piece slowly, which may help you.

To print the music sheet, please right-click on the image, and select 'Print' as previously explained.
(As in the previous lesson, there are 2 pages)
Here is a backing track for you to play along with.
Remember to listen carefully to the count in. ( one , two, three, one, two) Then you start playing as in the example.
Backing with piano
Backing only
No Video?...Click Here