EZ Keyboard Method
EZ Keyboard Lesson 3
Let's Get Playing!

In between demonstration videos of general keyboard functions, you will find some simple tunes to get you started.
As I have mentioned previously, if you are a complete beginner, and to get the most out of these lessons, please go first to the Coloured Keyboard Template page, and also check out the EZ Piano Method lessons, as much of the information there, will be needed to fully understand these keyboard lessons.

Here is 'Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star', a simple and well known tune, but can sound very effective, depending on the instrument sound, ('voice'), and rhythm style chosen.

All of the music in these lessons, will have my suggestion for  'Voice' and 'Style' settings, but please also experiment with your own choices.

The music below, shows the Right Hand notes, all of which are in the red section of your template. (This is the melody)
The left hand, plays the notes in the squares above the melody. In this example, we shall use 'single finger' chords, which, as shown, are all in the yellow section of the template.
(The small numbers above some of the notes, are suggested finger numbers, for ease of playing)

Watch the video, and then practice playing the right hand and the left hand separately, paying close attention to the timing, before playing with both hands together.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for  EZ Keyboard