F# A      D
Here are some of the most commonly used Major chords, shown in Root Position, First Inversion and Second Inversion.

Some of these chords use the black keys. You will see this symbol after the note name.

This is called a Sharp sign.
We shall learn about these in future lessons, but for now, just play these chords using the coloured dots shown, as on your keyboard template.
You can play chords with either hand, and at any position on the keyboard you wish, as long as you keep to the correct notes.

Just click on the audio buttons to hear how the chords should sound.
C   E   G
D    F# A
C Major
Root Position
1st Inversion
2nd Inversion
E   G# B
F   A   C
D Major

E Major
F Major
G Major
A   C# E
A Major
B   D#  F#
B Major
E   G      C
A      D    F#
G# B      E
B      E    G#
D      G   B
C# E      A
E      A   C#
D# F#   B
F#   B    D#
A   C      F
C      F   A
G   B   D
B   D      G
G      C   E
EZ Piano Method